Medicare Payments Will Not Stop At PCMH

Pitt County Memorial Hospital's plan to keep the federal government from stopping Medicare payments to the hospital has proven successful.
Federal authorities notified PCMH they would stop payments after an unannounced inspection by the State Department of Health and Human Services, according to hospital spokesperson Barbara Dunn. Officials tell us that inspection came about following the death of a patient in February 2006, after the patient was given incompatible blood. Wednesday, PCMH submitted a corrective action plan to the federal Medicare office. Thursday, a state inspection at the hospital verified the plan is being enacted, and Medicare payments to the hospital will not be stopped. At a press conference Thursday officials outlined the plan of action. It includes extra steps in the way blood orders are transferred from nursing areas to the blood bank, and additional accountability by reporting on-going safety and quality measures to the governing board. In 90 days the hospital will be inspected again.