5 Break-Ins Reported In 3 Weeks In Pitt County Neighborhood

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The Pitt County Sheriff's Department says the Woodmoor neighborhood is typically quiet when it comes to crime, but in the past three weeks, deputies have received five calls of break ins.

"I have started locking my cars at night and making sure that they are locked. That's something different that I probably didn't do a year ago. said Woodmoor resident Bob Desoto.

Recently, deputies increased their patrols through the neighborhood which led them to the discovery of the body of 36-year-old Michael Simmons inside his home on Wednesday.

"We've kind of beefed up our patrols in the area, keeping a look out for things that seem out of place, any vehicles any people that are coming in that they don't recognize," said Pitt County Sheriff's Office Det. Shannon Stewart

Residents say they are looking out for their neighbors.

"It's a tight knit community so everyone kind of lets everyone know when someone's in the neighborhood that doesn't live here," said Desoto.

Authorities say, they are surprised at the recent increase of break ins. However, some neighbors feel differently.

"I don't know that anything surprises me anymore. The stuff you see on the news, and things that happen around this world. I don't think that anybody's immune to bad times, unfortunate situations. You just have to be ready for anything," said neighbor Chris Candler.

You can call the Pitt County Sheriff's Office or Crimestoppers anonymously if you know anything about the recent break-ins in the Woodmoor area. The Pitt- Greenville Crimestoppers number is (252) 758-7777