Defense: Rape Charges Dismissed Against Duke Lacrosse Players

A defense attorney in the Duke University lacrosse rape case says the prosecutor has dismissed rape charges against the three players accused of attacking a woman at a team party.

Joseph Cheshire says the charges of kidnapping and sexual offense remain in place.

District Attorney Mike Nifong did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

The accuser is a 28-year-old student at North Carolina Central University who has said three men raped her in a bathroom at a March 13th team party where she was hired to perform as a stripper.

But Cheshire and the other attorneys for players Dave Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann have said for months the woman has told several different versions of the alleged assault.

Cheshire says the woman now says she does not know if she was raped, which led Nifong to dismiss the rape charges.