Hospital Worker In East Does Not Have Swine Flu

Tests indicate a health care worker at Pitt County Memorial Hospital suspected to have swine flu doesn't not have it.

PCMH spokeswoman Barbara Dunn said the tests came back negative.

The person is expected to return to work at the hospital shortly.

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A health care worker at Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville is suspected to have swine flu or H1N1.

Blood work has been sent to the state lab. Officials hope to hear as early as this afternoon if it is confirmed or not.

The worker did have interaction with ten patients, and those patients have all been notified. Anybody who could be involved is being given or given the opportunity to receive Tamiflu. The hospital is not releasing information about where in the hospital the person worked.

In addition to patients, co-workers of the employee are being advised to watch closely for flu symptoms.

This is very similar to the incident last week in the Greensboro area. A neo-natal worker there had swine flu.

It's expected this problem could pop up frequently in the health care community. Officials say you can have the virus and be infectious and not have symptoms for 24 hours.