Camp Lejeune Marine Ordered To Stop Auction To Change His Name

A North Carolina-based Marine has his marching orders, stop the online auction in which he promised to change his name to what the highest bidder wants.

Sergeant Cody Baker could have become "Mr. Clean" or even "Finest Freshest Fastest." But a Camp Lejeune spokesman says Baker was told the auction violated military rules against commercial endorsements.

The highest and latest bid of 30-thousand dollars and one cent was offered by the Web site

Baker wanted to raise money to attend college, to support his wife and infant son, and to help an orphanage in Thailand for children affected by AIDS. More than 20 bids were offered.

The auction started July 20th, with a five-dollar bid to name him "Mr. Clean." Other bids told Baker to change his name to "George Bailey of Bedford Falls" and "Mr. Right." An online coffee company bid 26- thousand dollars for Baker's military name tape to carry its slogan, "Finest Freshest Fastest."