NC Syphony Trombonist Kidnapped, Robbed But Released Unharmed

Police in Raleigh have arrested a man who they say kidnapped a trombonist with the North Carolina Symphony after having done yard work for him weeks earlier.

Dwight Marshall Robinette says a woman knocked on his door Monday morning and asked for help because her car had broken down Robinette says as he was closing the door, a man hiding in the bushes pushed in the door, put a knife to his throat and demanded money.

Robinette says he drove the man to an A-T-M and withdrew 200 dollars, then dropped him off at a nearby car wash. Robinette tried to follow the man but he couldn't keep up.

A few hours later police arrested William Tremaine Bobbitt and charged him with robbery with a dangerous weapon and second-degree kidnapping. Two women were charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Robinette says he recognized Bobbitt as having worked for him briefly a few weeks ago.