Letters For Santa

With only nineteen days to go until Christmas letters are piling up at area post offices addressed to Old Saint Nick. Wednesday we took a look and some Christmas wish lists from kids in Winterville in Pitt County. The Winterville Parks and Recreation Department collects the letters from area schools, and then makes sure each letter is sent to Santa, where the kids in turn get a Christmas response. The letters run they gamut from laugh out loud funny to tear jerkers. One mother wrote, "If at all you can help me out with some food so I can feed my family for Christmas: ham, noodles, turkey, flour, sharp cheddar cheese." Other letters leave you smiling like this one: "Dear Santa, Grandpa says there is something wrong with Rudolph's nose, but I'll go ahead and tell you want I want for Christmas: a Strike Out Horse, a Ford Mustang, and a trillion dollars."