Owners Reunited With Missing Dog A Year Later

It was a tearful reunion for a former Havelock family that moved to Texas. Nearly a year ago, Toni and Chris Petersen's dog Maggie scaled four tall fences to escape from a Havelock kennel in Craven County. They searched for eight months without finding Maggie before the military moved the couple to Texas. Monday, Chris and Toni received a phone call from the kennel telling them that Maggie had been found. The two drove straight through from Ft. Worth to reunite with her Thursday. Toni says, "I'm just happy to get her home; we drove halfway across the United States to get her; she's family. A family living near the kennel where Maggie escaped fed her for nearly the entire year before Maggie allowed them to get close enough to grab her and call the kennel. Toni Petersen says the next time they leave home they'll take Maggie with them.