Guilford County Offers Top Dollar To Lure Qualified Teachers

Teachers looking to make money in North Carolina might want to consider Guilford County.

Under a new program that reaches 22 schools, county officials are offering higher pay to math teachers in low-income schools. Guilford Superintendent Terry Grier is promising big bonuses for those who improve student performance. Annual salaries for some teachers will reach 70-thousand dollars or more.

Even a first-year math teacher can earn more than 41-thousand dollars a year.

Guilford has an array of schools, from Greensboro's affluent suburbs to its inner-city. The inner-city schools have lower test scores and high teacher turnover, and officials believe money could solve that problem.

While the N-C Association of Educators is pleased that Guilford County is willing to offer more money, the association is concerned about the consequences of pay differentials. It says all teachers should be paid more.