Blackwater Announces Plans To Add Illinois Training Facility

Military contractor Blackwater U-S-A says it's opening a center in northwestern Illinois.

The Blackwater North facility in Mount Carroll, Illinois, will
be refurbished and outfitted similarly to the seven-thousand-acre
Blackwater Training Center in northeastern North Carolina. The
80-acre Illinois center already has a tower for climbing and
rappelling as well as several firing ranges.

A variety of courses will start in March at Blackwater North,
about 140 miles west of Chicago.

Earlier this year, the private company announced plans to open a
compound in southern California and start a 25-acre jungle survival
skills training center in the Philippines.

Blackwater provides security and training for the military and
law enforcement officers. It has federal contracts worth hundreds
of (m) millions of dollars to provide security and training in
Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.