Retirement Home In Haywood County Harnesses Wind Power

Louis and Talitha Mes might be feeling some heat this winter, but not because of their utility bill.

There's a wind turbine on top of a 100-foot tower a few hundred yards from their house. With some solar panels, there's enough electricity to power their retirement home in Haywood County.

Louis Mes is a Louisiana plastic surgeon who designed the home on Crabtree Mountain to be energy efficient. It's so efficient that the house even has energy to spare for the state's electrical grid. The Meses are considered the first North Carolina homeowners to harness the wind for the electricity network.

Mes says the cost is no more than a new truck and a boat. While the project cost them about $40,000, they will get money back from Haywood Electric Membership Corporation and NC GreenPower for every kilowatt-hour the couple puts back on the grid.