$1.5 Million Settlement After Doctors Don't Find Breast Cancer

A breast cancer patient who says doctors who treated her had histories of substance abuse has reached a million-dollar settlement.

Lynette Miracle claims the doctors failed to diagnose her breast cancer in 2001 and 2002, even as a painful lump grew to the size of a plum. Miracle's lawsuit was filed against the U-S government because the clinic is federally subsidized.

The case focused on the role of the North Carolina Medical Board and its procedures on disciplining physicians. The board knew the doctors had drug abuse issues, but gave them second and third chances to continue their work.

Miracle didn't argue that the doctors were impaired while treating her, but said she would have found another clinic had she known about their histories.

Miracle is now being treated at Duke Medical Center for a cancer that's spread to her liver, sternum and ribs.

The U-S Attorney's Office in Raleigh declined to comment other than to confirm the settlement.