Jacksonville Police Officer Shot

Monday, a Jacksonville police officer was sent to an area hospital.

Both he and a suspect were injured after gunfire rang out Monday.

It all started just after 7AM Monday morning. Officers responded to a neighborhood called Croatan Court on Onsville Drive, which is located off Gum Branch Road in Jacksonville. Officers say a man was holding a gun outside a residence, but they will not say if this was a hostage situation.

Negotiators were called in and all the nearby homes were evacuated. Shots were then fired.

The suspect and Officer Sean Marcinowsky were wounded. The officer is at Onslow Memorial Hospital and is expected to be okay.

Marcinowsky has been with the Jacksonville Police Department for three years. He has been commended for his work.

In April, officer Marcinowsky received the Life Saving Award at a Jacksonville City Council meeting for his quick response to a suicide call. Marcinowsky's actions saved the person's life.

The suspect's name in Monday's shooting and condition are not being released nor is a possible motive.

Four officers are on administrative duty pending the investigation into Monday's shooting. The State Bureau of Investigation is handling the case.