Riegelwood-Based Group Loses Tools To Thieves

N-C Baptist Builders would likely be helping put the town of Riegelwood back together right now, but they have no tools to do it.

The chapter's director says someone took the group's trailer from the parking lot of the Riegelwood Baptist Church on November 10th. James Duncan says a hunting party found the trailer on a dirt road the next day, but the tools were gone.

Duncan says the tools are valued at 8,500 dollars. For now, the group is distributing food to people in Riegelwood and the trailer is being used to store donated clothes.

Duncan is asking for the tools to be returned, and he says whoever took them can return them anonymously. He says that person can even attend the church.

Eight people were killed when a tornado ripped through the small community last Thursday morning. (Anyone wishing to donate tools may call Duncan at 910-655-2825 or 910-612-6409)