Exclusive Interview With Franklin Graham

Those words from Reverend Franklin Graham, who has been handed the torch of his father's organization, the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. Franklin Graham talked with Dave Jordan about following in his father's footsteps and about the many polarizing issues facing our country.

Billy Graham, 88 years-old and in failing health, asked Franklin to carry on the mission of the organization to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. While Franklin says he can do that, he says he can't be his father. Franklin says, "There are huge differences between my father and I'm honored people would even try to compare me. I can never be Billy Graham. I'm Franklin Graham. And yet my father has asked that I take the leadership of the organization, but that doesn't mean I fill his shoes and become Billy Graham. I can't do that."

Franklin Graham catapulted into the national spotlight following 9-11 after calling Islam "An evil and wicked religion." He didn't back away from that statement in his interview, but said, "I'll do everything I can to reach out to them and love them but I want them to know the truth." Franklin also believes leaving Iraq is not the answer saying, "There are no easy solutions to this and if we walk away Iraq would be worse than Afghanistan was as far as a training ground for terrorists."

Graham believes the solution to the troubles and evil in the world is simple. He says, "The greatest need today is for a heart to be changed and the only way that a heart can be transformed is by God himself. That is the mail goal, the main mission of my work."