Alligator, Caiman Found When Lawmen Serve Arrest Warrant At Motel

Authorities trying to serve an arrest warrant at a motel in Greensboro instead found some sharp-toothed guests.

Authorities found a 3-foot alligator and a 3-foot caiman, which is similar to an alligator, in a fish tank in someone's room at a Red Roof Inn.

They didn't find the suspect they had sought, but arrested the man who had the reptiles in his room. Authorities said he was arrested on charges unrelated to the animals.

The alligator and caiman were taken to the Guilford County Animal Shelter.

It's illegal to possess alligators in North Carolina, but Guilford County officials say caimans can be found in pet stores.

The state's Wildlife Resources Commission will take both reptiles and decide whether to pursue charges against the man who had them in his room.