Mother Of Marine Killed In Iraq Backs Mercy For Two Comrades

Courts-martial are scheduled this week at Camp Lejeune for two Marines accused in the death of a Marine police officer in Iraq.

One court-martial is scheduled for tomorrow for Lance Corporal Michael Fulcher, and the second is scheduled for Wednesday for Lance Corporal Sean Riley. They're accused in the death of Lance Corporal Adam Fales, who died in December 2005 at Camp Fallujah from an M-16 slug to the back of his head.

Fales' mother, Glenda, says she supports a plea bargain offered by the military under which the two would get a few months in the brig and an honorable discharge, rather than a possible ten years in prison and a dishonorable discharge. She lives in Alabama.

Fulcher and Riley were Marine reservists from a Pennsylvania unit. Fulcher is charged with involuntary manslaughter and negligent discharge of a weapon. Riley is accused of involuntary manslaughter and dereliction of duty.