Grand Jury Looking Into Morgan's Tobacco Ties

Federal prosecutors want House Speaker Pro Tempore Richard Morgan to turn over documents related to more than three dozen individuals or groups. The topics include a cigarette company that gave money to a political group that supported moderate Republican candidates.

Morgan's office released the subpoena today. The document orders Morgan to appear this week at a federal grand jury in Raleigh. The panel already has summoned other witnesses associated with state House Speaker Jim Black.

Federal prosecutors have asked the Moore County Republican to provide documents about topics similar to those they sought from Black's office in November 2005. They include several items related to the video poker and lottery industries.

Federal prosecutors also want any documents Morgan or his office has about S-and-M Brands. That is the Virginia-based maker of Bailey's cigarettes. The firm gave at least 100-thousand dollars in 2004 to a committee controlled by Morgan allies.