NC Transportation Workers May Be Fired For Paving Job

The state's Department of Transportation will fire, demote or suspend some workers involved in the bad paving job on a stretch of Interstate 40.

Transportation Secretary Lyndo Tippett says an investigation into the paving project showed that a number of D-O-T workers were at fault.

The I-40 stretch between U-S 15-501 in Chapel Hill and N-C 147 in Research Triangle Park is crumbling just a few years after it was paved.

The D-O-T also has reached an agreement with the federal government and the project's contractor to share the 18-point-six million dollar repair bill for the stretch of highway.

I-40 in Durham County was built in the 1980s. Workers completed an improvement project in 2004 that added a lane in each direction and covered the original lanes with layer of concrete.