Millions Of Bottles Of Store-Brand Acetaminophen Recalled

Millions of bottles of store-brand acetaminophen (uh-SEE'-toh-MIN'-oh-fin) have been recalled because some of the caplets were contaminated with metal fragments.

Manufacturer Perrigo said it discovered the metal bits during quality-control checks. There have been no reports of injuries or illnessThe recall affects bottles containing various amounts of 500-milligram caplets.Acetaminophen is best known as the drug in products sold under the Tylenol brand, but is widely available in generic versions. The recall does not affect Tylenol.

According to Securities and Exchange Commission filings, Wal-Mart, C-V-S, Walgreen and Costco are among the companies Perrigo supplies with health care products. But the company has not disclosed the chains for which it manufactures the store-brand acetaminophen.

For more information call Perrigo at 1-800-321-0105.