Bank Of America Lawsuit Claims Three Dare County Men Stole Millions

Now the bank has filed a lawsuit against several men, including a former employee. It’s a very complex case, one Bank of America's attorney said he couldn't comment on. The complaint alleges fraud against three people, Mike Lam, a Dare County businessmen, Rex Tillett, a businessman in Dare County and Loren Hamlin, who was a Bank of America Vice President at the Kitty Hawk branch at the time when the bank alleges the fraud took place. The bank has since dismissed him. Previously he worked at the branches in Washington and Greenville. In the complaint, the bank claims the three committed fraud to get more than $13 million from the bank and other investors. Now, the bank is also seeking what's called a declaratory judgment to determine that Bank of America has no liability to Glen Futrell, a Dare County businessman and John "Skip" Dixon, also a Dare County businessman for the millions of dollars these men deposited with the bank, in association with the transaction. Their lawyer, Brad Herring said "Our clients are totally innocent; it's their money; we will be filing a counter claim against Bank of America." The lawsuit in this case is still ongoing. We'll continue to keep you updated.