2004 NC Constitutional Ammendment Challanged On Election Eve

Four people are suing state officials in a challenge to a constitutional amendment that makes it easier for local governments to issue debt for some public building projects.

The complaint was filed in federal court in Raleigh with help from the North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law. The lawsuit alleges the question wasn't presented properly to voters because the ballot didn't contain wording from the actual amendment.

The plaintiffs say the summary approved for the ballot was confusing and didn't tell voters that approving the change would eliminate their right to vote on some bond issues. The lawsuit also says the amendment didn't get pre-approval from the U-S Department of Justice.

All four plaintiffs want the the amendment repealed and new laws related to that vote blocked. It was Amendment One on the 2004 ballot, and it passed with 51 percent of the vote. So far, there's been no comment from the state Attorney General's Office.