Teenagers Online: A Group That's Often Targeted By Sex Predators

This time, we wanted to find out how teenagers, a group often targeted on line, protect themselves. As you know, navigating the worldwide web can be a treacherous journey. And if you're not careful, you could end up in a place you don't want to be. Just ask 16 year old Requita Demery. "People asking directly will you have sex or (Really) just things like that." Requita was in a chat room and says she soon realized she was in way over her head. 17 year old Britany Banks also shut the door on chat rooms after her brief encounter. "They were just asking like where do you live, uh, what types of things do you like and that kind of freaked me out so I was just like let's stay away from the chat rooms." All of these Rose High School students in Greenville have stories to share, but most of them positive. That's because they've all refused to become on line victims. "You know when you go into a wrong site. You know when you're in a chat room and you shouldn't be and you should just get out of it." 17 year old Grant Graziani has been surfing the Internet for years, just like 17 year old Jane Chaffee. And like all of these teenagers, Jane's parents have made it quite clear. The Internet is not always a friendly place. "My parents, they see the Datelines and the programs on TV that tell about all the dangers of you know, My Space, chat rooms, so they constantly whenever they see that, they reinforce that." Same thing for 15 year old Daryan Wilkerson though he does admit pop ups are sometimes a problem. A lot of them he says try to take him to a very dark part of the Internet, porn sites. "Now I learn not to accept it but just look past it and do what I need to do and still get the work done and stuff like that." Also 15, Ben Stephenson says he really doesn't care for the Internet and surfs it only when necessary. "I don't really go on the Internet that much unless I'm doing school work or projects or something. I don't really go on like AIM or My Space." The one thing all of these students agree on... Use the Internet wisely and listen to your parents. It can all add up to a positive experience on line.