It's Been Weeks And The Controversy Isn't Fading

The dogs are just off London Church Road just outside of Wilson. While the Humane Society called it cruelty, animal control says it was not. The dogs had food, water and shelter. How could the conclusions be so different? This week, we were able to ask that question of Wilson County Manager Ellis Williford, who is in charge of animal control. Williford told us quote "The degrees of food, water and shelter vary amongst advocates for animals." A sheriff's office report states the 36 dogs had shelter and water but no food, and that an injured dog was being eaten alive by his kennel mates. Williford says neither he nor animal control officers saw an injured dog, and the dogs' food was simply hidden from view. Animal control visited the site on September 25, and then again October 16th. The conclusion from the second visit was the dogs needed to be dewormed. When we asked for reports from the visits, we were told there weren't any. What we were given was a summary written sometime after October 20th. On October 18th, WITN was told there would be a follow-up to check on the dogs' health after they were removed from the site, which happened over the next several days. Veterinarian Steven Walker examined four of the dogs and has examined animals for the county in the past. That's not something he plans to do again, he says unless changes are made. Walker tells us he is troubled by how this case was handled. The dogs' owner could not be reached for comment.