Kenneth Starr To Help To Defend Blackwater In Suit By Dead Worker's Families

Former Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr is helping in the defense of military contractor Blackwater U-S-A in a wrongful death lawsuit.

That lawsuit was filed by the families of four company employees killed and mutilated in Iraq. Starr was asked to join the security company's legal team because of his experience arguing before the U-S Supreme Court. That's according to Blackwater general counsel Andy Howell.

Blackwater is based in Moyock. It provides security and training for military and law enforcement. The case's outcome could set a precedent about the liability such companies have when their contractors are injured or killed.

The lawsuit was filed in North Carolina in January 2005. It accuses Blackwater of breaking its contractual obligations by sending its contractors into hostile territory in unarmored vehicles without automatic weapons in March 2004.