NC Democrats Call On Kerry To Apologize For Remark

The chairman of the state Democratic Party is looking for an apology from Massachusetts Senator John Kerry for saying those who don't study hard risk getting "stuck in Iraq."

Jerry Meek says in a statement released this morning that Kerry's botched joke was wrong and that he should apologize. Meek says the state party, quote, "absolutely disassociate ourselves from any criticism of our troops, misunderstood or otherwise."

Meek's statement also says Republicans want John Kerry to be an
issue in the final days of the midterm election campaign so they
don't have to talk about President Bush's record in Iraq.

At a news conference in Seattle, Kerry said the remark was a
"botched joke" about the Bush administration and not about the
troops. Kerry said it's the president who owes U-S soldiers an
apology for "a Katrina foreign policy." The White House continues to call for an apology from Kerry.