State Again Delays Math Test Results For K-8

The numbers from the 2005-2006 end-of-grade math tests won't be released today, either. State Board of Education chairman Howard Lee says recent surgery has kept him from being fully briefed on the results. He says the latest release date will be November ninth.

In May, officials announced the results would be delayed until October because they wanted to review the updated math tests before setting the standard. When the results were delayed in May, state officials said they were putting it off to avoid a problem like the one in 2001, the last time the state changed its math tests.

That year, an unprecedented number of students passed the math test after the state set the passing scores too low. Teachers use the scores to help determine whether or not the students would move on to the next grade, who goes to summer school and who fails. The delays could affect when bonuses are issued to teachers, principals and assistants at high-performing schools.