State Launches New Lottery Game

The state lottery is putting another game into play today. The first ten-dollar instant ticket game in North Carolina is reaching stores. The new game is part of a trend in the lottery industry in that it's a holiday-themed scratch-off game that officials hope will boost sales.

Lottery director Tom Shaheen says more games at ten dollars or above are expected, including the possibility of a 20-dollar instant ticket game, which Shaheen says may be attractive to people who don't always play the lottery.

The new ten-dollar game is called Merry Money. It features a colorful Christmas tree with gift boxes below. Six tickets out of more than two million for sale will be worth the top prize of 200-thousand dollars. Another game in stores today is called Carolina Greetings and it costs two dollars to play.

In the state's new Pick 5 game, there's been a winner after just three days, although state officials say the player hasn't yet come forward.