WITN-7's Halloween Costume Contest Winners

WITN-7's annual Halloween Costume Contest was a huge success on WITN-7 News at Sunrise Tuesday.

Dozens of people showed up to take part, in all sorts of costumes.

Adult First Place, $300, went to Lori Cutler of Greenville as the "Gargoyle." Adult Second Place, $75, went to Shannon Luszcz as "Hamburger Helper." Adult Third Place, $50, was a tie between Willie Harvey of Greenville as "Kool Aid" and Darin Sujjavanich of Greenville as "Mona Lisa."

There was also a tie in the Child category, a $50 U.S. savings bond, between Bobbie Jo Kochlin of Pactolus as "Goosebumps" and Spencer Jordan of Greenville as "Fire-Rescue."

Thanks to all who took part, and Happy Halloween!