Tuscarora Indians Remains Dug Up From Historic Battleground At ECU

Archaeologists aren't exactly sure when the Tuscarora Indians first settled Eastern Carolina, but say they were a significant force from the late 16th century and into the 17th and 18th centuries. What is now known as New Bern, the first capital of North Carolina, was given to colonial settlers by the Tuscarora Indians. Archeology professors with East Carolina University conducted a 10 year excavation project of the fort Neheroka site in Snow Hill. The remains found during the project are currently housed at ECU. Archaeologist Charlie Ewen says he is holding them according to specific laws. Those laws state he has to deal with the Federally recognized descendants of the Tuscarora and that is the Tuscarora in New York state. Ewen says until that federally recognized group in New York notifies him with what to do with the remains, he says they'll remain in ECU's collection.