Radical Group's Revival Spreads To UNC Campus

A remnant of the radical '60s is returning to campuses across the country, including the University of North Carolina. Students for a Democratic Society began a chapter this fall at the Chapel Hill campus.

The group became famous for sit-ins, walk-outs and other major protests on campuses during the Vietnam War. Some of its leaders from that time have been helping organize new chapters at about 250 campuses. The U-N-C chapter has about 15 core members, and has about 100 students on its mailing list.

This time, the group is rallying around opposition to the war in Iraq. U-N-C freshman Ben Carroll, secretary of the new chapter, says the younger group doesn't necessarily agree with all the actions of its predecessor. But he says it recognizes the old movement's success, and believes the revival is the best way to capture the energy and enthusiasm of students who oppose the current war.