Triplet Lion Cubs Born At NC Zoo

Triplet lion cubs have been born at the North Carolina Zoo, the second lion births in two years.

Sala, the zoo's female lion, gave birth to the three cubs early
Monday morning.

Zoo officials say the cubs have been viewed only on
closed-circuit television inside the lions' den, but keepers are
able to closely monitor the cubs on the T-V system, and the infants
appear healthy.

The zoo says the cubs won't be exhibited to the public until the
spring because of the cubs' fragility, particularly in the first
few weeks of their lives. There's also a need for the mother to
keep the cubs isolated.

Visitors will be able to view the cubs and their mother in the
den on monitors to the closed-circuit system which will be
installed at the lion exhibit overlook.

This is the second birth for the zoo's male and female lions.
Twin sisters born July 17th, 2004, were the first birth of lions at
the state zoo since 1983.