Judge Stops Work At Apex Hazardous Waste Fire Site

A federal judge has halted cleanup at a hazardous waste disposal site where a huge chemical fire and clouds of toxic smoke prompted evacuations earlier this month in Apex.

EQ Industrial Services said today that it’s complying with the order from US District Court Judge Terrence Boyle.

The order was dated Tuesday. It prohibits further cleanup at the site in suburban Raleigh, but the company said today that most of the work is finished.

The company also was ordered by the state Division of Waste Management to stop storing waste at the site and to not bring additional waste of any sort to the property. The company says it will abide by that order as well.

Boyle’s order was issued after four Apex residents in a class-action lawsuit asked the judge to stop work to protect evidence and to allow defense experts to enter the EQ property.

About 17,000 Apex residents were asked to leave their homes after explosions spewed clouds of smoke and haze into the sky October 5th. Those who left weren’t allowed back for two days.