Controversy Over Tall Ships Event Continues

The "Tall Ships" event along the Crystal Coast has been a controversy since nearly the moment the first sail unfurled in July. And that controversy is far from over. America's Sail is a non-profit organization that coordinated the event this past summer in Beaufort and Morehead City. America's Sail Incorporated CEO Reverend William Wendler held a press conference Wednesday morning in Morehead City, where he claimed his organization is owed more than $120,000, which is 20 percent of the ticket sales. Meanwhile, the town of Beaufort says Pepsi America's Sail LLC and Friends of the Maritime Museum owe them over $14,000. America's Sail says they were paid $50,000 at the signing of the contract to help bring in tall ships, the organization feels they did just that, but Jim Kelly co-chair of Pepsi America' Sail, says he feels they only brought in one big ship, the Cisne Branco.