Escaped Bull Shot And Killed

The search for a rodeo bull that escaped from the Eden Fairgrounds more than a week ago has ended with the animal's death.

Rockingham County sheriff's deputies shot and killed the
approximately 800-pound bull after tranquilizers failed to stop it.

A spokesman for the sheriff's office says a helicopter pilot
helped search for the bull yesterday. They flew to an area where
the bull was last seen and spotted it from the air around dusk.

The spokesman says deputies first tried to tranquilize the bull,
and when that didn't work, they shot and killed it because of
concerns about the safety of nearby residents.

The sheriff's office says the stock contractor providing the
bull for the rodeo said they decided not to use the animal because
the scheduled contestants had not shown up for the event.

The bull was eventually loaded back on a trailer but the gate
was open and several men began poking the bull with sticks, then
chased it as it took off.