NC Unemployment Up Slightly

North Carolina's jobless rate rose slightly in September because of seasonal changes in employment. Seasonally adjusted statistics released by the Employment Security Commission show the state's labor force and the number of people employed hit all-time highs during the same month.

Unemployment was at four-point-nine percent in September,
slightly above the four-point-eight percent rate in July and August
but well below the five-pooint-three percent unemployment rate in
September 2005.

Nationally, the jobless rate in September dropped slightly to
four-point-six percent from four-point-seven percent in August and
four-point-eight percent in July.

The state's work force increased to four-point-47 (m) million
people in September, up from four-point-44 (m) million in August.
About four and a quarter (m) million people had jobs in September,
slightly more than in August.