Fort Bragg Officer To Be Awarded For Valor

An Army Captain is being recommended for an Army award for valor for saving another man from a burning vehicle.

Army Captain Bryan Ash watched in horror as the van in front of
him flipped several times as it tumbled down an embankment. After stopping his car near Midway, South Carolina, the 39-year-old Ash saw a man hanging upside down from the mangled van. He appeared to be unconscious. As Ash ran toward the man, the van
burst into flames.

After two attempts, Ash pulled the driver from the burning van.
He and another passer-by then dragged the injured man up to the
highway minutes before the van exploded.

For his efforts, Ash's superiors at Fort Bragg in North
Carolina, are recommending him for the Soldier's Medal, the Army's
highest award for valor in a stateside, noncombat situation.

The driver was seriously injured while Ash was treated for burns
on his right arm and smoke inhalation.

The Army will make the final decision on whether to award the
medal to Ash.