Almost 40 Dogs Found Emaciated

Almost 40 emaciated dogs were found. One is dead, one is dying, and all were without food or water. Sandy Norris says she was shocked at what she saw just off London Church Road right outside of Wilson Monday. The Vice President for the Wilson County Humane Society says she counted 38 dogs in 6 pens without food or water. Norris says animal control was summoned but instructed her not to feed the animals or do anything with them. Wilson County Animal Control director, Carl Utley, could not be reached for comment. But he told the Wilson Daily Times Tuesday only that he thought two of the dogs needed to be dewormed. Norris said when she found the dogs, many of them were having trouble standing, one was dead and another dying dog was being dragged around by its pen mates. No charges have been filed in this case. County officials say four of the dogs, those in the worst shape, were taken to a veterinarian Tuesday for evaluation. The main concern they say was not starvation but heart worm. We are told the owner, since Tuesday, has had all the animals treated. Officials also say the owner, a hunter who bred dogs, has already made arrangements for other homes for some of the animals and will give away all of them. Meanwhile, the Assistant County Manager tells us animal control is making sure the dogs are fed and watered. Norris says the humane society is monitoring the situation closely.