Fire Erupts Again At Site Of Last Month's Chemical Blaze In Apex

There's more trouble at the site of a chemical plant fire in Apex. Emergency responders evacuated businesses around the plant after a small fire reignited. Smoke poured from one 55-gallon barrel on the property, and Town Manager Bruce Radford says the the fumes were irritating and causing burning eyes.

Apex Mayor Keith Weatherly says the chemical drum contained a
sodium metal solution that can ignite when exposed to water or air.
The Apex area had been drenched by rains throughout Tuesday.

The chemical plant was a raging inferno two weeks ago with a
fire that lit up the sky with explosions and covered parts of the
town in a yellow-green haze. Town officials urged as many as
17-thousand people to evacuate because of potentially toxic fumes
that led a few dozen people to seek medical attention.

Today's fire comes a day after more than 200 residents packed
Apex Town Hall on Tuesday looking for answers about the blaze.