Second Quake Felt In Triad

Triad residents experienced some more shaking last night. Residents reported a loud boom at 9:11 p-m. The U-S Geological Survey site confirms a small earthquake at that time which was centered in Winston-Salem and registered a two-point-four on the
Richter Scale.

Drey Blevins says she felt shaking in her house, and heard a
rumbling. Others say it sounded like a boom or vibration coming
from the floors of their homes.

The first earthquake was described as "micro" and was reported
at 4:56 a-m. It also registered two-point-six on the Richter scale.
The U-S Geological Survey reports a second earthquake at 7:54 p-m.
That one registered one-point-five. So far, there have been no reports of structural damage or injuries.