Apex Residents Search For Answers About Hazardous Waste Fire

More than 200 Apex residents packed town hall last night in search of answers about a fire at a hazardous waste facility that prompted many of them to evacuate their homes.

Officials at E-Q Industrial Services say tests found no harmful
levels of toxins in the air after the October fifth fire. But residents wanted to know more about their vegetable gardens, their children's health and the quality of their air.

Some also asked whether the company will rebuild at the site.
Town leaders say they'll do everything in their power to keep that
from happening.

The Michigan-based company says a decision about rebuilding in
Apex won't be made until cleanup is complete.

Also, Governor Easley announced that a task force will examine
regulations for hazardous waste storage centers and recommend
changes to tighten those rules. The action is in response to the
Apex incident.