Television Station Says Candidate Used Its Copyrighted Material

An Asheville television station is complaining about a campaign ad being run by Republican Representative Charles Taylor.

WLOS-TV says the campaign advertisement uses copyrighted
material from one of the station's newscasts without permission.
WLOS says Federal Communications Commission rules do not allow
the station to alter or refuse to air candidate advertising.

The ad includes a portion of a newscast that scrutinized an ad
by Taylor's opponent, Democratic nominee Heath Shuler. The station
says the "Truth Check" segment reviewed the facts of ads from
both the Shuler and Taylor campaigns, but that Taylor's new ad did
not acknowledge the balance of the report.

Taylor's campaign says once a broadcast or other media outlet
publishes information, it enters the public domain.

Shuler is a former NFL quarterback who's trying to unseat
Taylor, a Republican timber producer and businessman who's seeking
a ninth term.