Carolina Pick 3 Gaining in Popularity

The new North Carolina Education Lottery game Carolina Pick 3 is gaining in popularity.

Here's how you play: Just pick a three digit number between 000-999.
You can chose exact play, which means you win by matching
the numbers in the order drawn. Any play means you match the numbers drawn in any order, and 50-50 play is a combination.

Billy Peaden, owner of Peadens Grill in Belvoir in Pitt County, says his customers love the game, but he's also seeing something else. Peaden says, "I think Carolina Pick 3 has hurt scratch offs in the long run though I think the state of North Carolina will probably make more money with Pick 3s."

In the first four days of Pick 3 play, there were more than 7,000 winners with more than a half million dollars in prizes awarded.
You can watch the live Carolina Pick 3 drawing seven nights a week during WITN-7 News at 11. You can also watch the Powerball drawings Wednesday and Saturday on WITN-7 just before the 11 p.m. news.