Plane Hits Building In New York City

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is confirming only that the two people on board the small plane that crashed into a high-rise today were a student pilot and a flight instructor.

But another official confirms that New York Yankees pitcher Cory
Lidle was on board, and Lidle's passport was found on the street
below. Both people on the plane were killed.

Bloomberg says there's no indication that terrorism was involved.

He says the plane took off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey,
and circled the Statue of Liberty, before heading up the East River. He says there's nothing to indicate why the plane then headed over Manhattan at 72nd Street, and hit the high-rise residential building.

He says two people in one apartment were "shaken up" by the
crash. He says when they heard the noise, they ran out into the

The mayor says the plane was made of composite materials, and
that most of it burned up. He says the engine was found on one of
the floors.

Bloomberg says the plane was "pretty light," and that there
wasn't a lot of damage to the building.