Suspects Appear In Court For 40 Year Old Murder

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Its a cold case we've been following since last year. Former Belhaven Police Chief George Hayden, his ex wife Vickie Babbit, and another suspect Roger Gill are facing murder charges or conspiracy to commit murder charges.

Authorities believe the trio are behind the 40 year old murder of Babbit's ex husband Sergeant William Miller.

Tuesday the three were in an Onslow County courtroom for an administrative hearing where they told the judge how they would plea in the case. All three entered not guilty pleas.

Hayden and Babbitt were released from prison last year after they posted bond. Roger Gill is still in jail. After the hearing, Vickie Babbitt's sister in law spoke to the media about Vickie.

The prosecution hopes this case will go to trial in the fall. The judge will also decide if roger gill will get a bond set on Monday.