Members Of Beaufort County Board Of Commissioners Under Investigation

Following an anonymous letter by a Beaufort County resident, the State Bureau of Investigation is investigating members of the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners. It stems from the funding dispute with the school board that ultimately ended up in court with a jury awarding the school system $766,000. Beaufort County District Attorney Seth Edwards says the S.B.I. received the letter several weeks ago and turned it over to him. He forwarded it to the Attorney General's office because his wife is a lawyer for the school board. Edwards says after the Attorney General's office reviewed the information, it handed it over to the S.B.I. to investigate. Edwards would not say what the specific allegations are, or what commissioners may be the targets. He did say the allegations were similar to the issues the school board raised back in July when it claimed school funding was being withheld because of personal vendettas and indecent motivations. Edwards says once the S.B.I. completes its investigation, it will take its findings to a special prosecutor to determine if charges should be filed.