New Lottery Game Kicks Off Friday

Carolina Pick Three kicks off Friday night during WITN-7 News at 11. This new daily lottery game from the North Carolina Education Lottery is similar to the multistate Powerball game, but there are fewer numbers to chose from, better odds and lower prize amounts. Players pick a three digit number between 000 and 999. Wagers are 50 cents or a dollar. Each night, 7 nights a week, a live drawing of the three numbers will be held at approximately 11:22 during WITN-7 News at 11. You can take part in Carolina Pick 3 in several ways. Exact play means you match the winning numbers in the order drawn. Any play means you match the winning numbers drawn in any order. 50-50 play is a combination. The top prize for exact play is $500. The odds of winning it? One in a thousand. To find out more about other winning amounts, your odds and how to play, there’s a story on the homepage with all the information and links you need. So make sure you tune in tomorrow night for the 11:22 live drawing! And of course, WITN is Eastern Carolina's only television station to bring you the live Powerball drawings each Wednesday and Sunday night at 11 p.m.