Community In Shock Over Dog Mauling Death

An ordinary day playing outside at grandma's house turned tragic Tuesday afternoon in Snow Hill in Greene County. A grandmother was left gripping her two year-old grandson in her arms after he was mauled to death by a neighbors Rottweiler. Police say the Rottweiler escaped from his pen, and bolted toward the toddler, who was in the neighbor's driveway. The child was rushed to Lenoir Memorial Hospital where he later died. The dog was killed by officers on the scene as they say it was still acting vicious. Its an unthinkable incident that has left the small community in shock. Sheriff Lemmie Smith says, "When a child is involved it hurts, it hurts down deep inside, its just heartbreaking." The owners of the Rottweiler are out of town on a cruise but have been notified. Sheriff Smith says they are filing a report but are planning to turn the case over to the district attorney.