DEPUTIES: Moonshine Still Found In Martin County

A liquor still, hundreds of gallons of mash and a marijuana growing operation, have been found in Martin County.

It was found yesterday as a six-month investigation lead to a search and discovery of the illegal still and the arrest of a Bethel area man.

69-year-old Ernest Harrell is facing charges of possession and manufacture of non tax paid alcohol, possession of marijuana, manufacturing marijuana, and maintaining a dwelling to keep, store and sell controlled substances.

Martin County deputies say they seized an illegal still, some two pounds of pot and marijuana seeds, a handgun and approximately $3800 in cash.

Deputies say they found 250 gallons of mash, the fermented mixture that's used to create illegal liquor. The still was found in outbuildings at 15994 Highway 11, that's near the Martin-Edgecombe County line.

During an aerial search by the Highway Patrol, two large marijuana plots were found in a wooded area behind the suspect's residence.