Democrats Pile On Palin Over Stimulus Money

Alaska Democrats are criticizing Gov. Sarah Palin for saying she would not accept nearly one-third of the federal stimulus money offered to the state.

Palin has said she would accept only 69 percent of the estimated $930 million dollars that could flow to Alaska.

Palin said she would accept money that did not create strings binding the state in the future.

Democrats charge the move will hurt Alaskans.

Palin's harshest critics say the former GOP vice presidential candidate is making a play to match other Republican governors who may run for president in 2012, such as South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

But Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell says Palin has no political agenda for the stimulus money and did not "reject" it. Instead, says Parnell, any "growing government-type" money will be considered in the legislative process.